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How To Dress Your Dog Up For A Concert

If you love to hear live music and you also love dogs, then you’ll be delighted to know that you can marry these two interests together. If your favorite band is in town and is holding a concert then there is no need for you to leave your fur baby at home. If it’s am outdoor concert, then you can definitely bring her along. You just need to make sure that dogs are allowed at the concert venue and that the show itself is dog-friendly. Now the next thing you need to know is how to dress your dog up for a concert. Before are some dog clothing tips you should do.

Choose a comfortable outfit

When you are shopping for dog clothing, the first thing that you need to consider is comfort. This means that the outfit should fit right. It must not be too tight that it constricts his movement or even breathing. And it also must not be too loose that it gets in the way whenever he walks or runs. Also, you should consider leaving the bottom bare so he can do his business easily when nature calls. You can also have your dog wear a diaper during the whole duration of the concert. Keep in mind that your dog will probably be in an uncomfortable position already by bringing him to a concert. His clothes should not bother him at the very least.

Make sure that the outfit is safe for dogs

There are many fancy dog clothes available on the market. Some even have perfume or cologne so dogs can smell good. The problem is, some of these dog clothes contain chemicals that may be harmful to dogs. The best way is to keep things simple. Just get clothes that are not scented. If you really want your dog to smell good, then just buy him a separate perfume that you know are safe for dogs. And if you can, get clothes that are made with organic fabric so you can be sure that they are chemical-free.

Choose clothes that are durable

When dogs become stressed they tend to bite and chew any object that they see. You need to welcome the possibility that your dog may get stressed during the concert, especially if it’s is the first time. It’s going to be noisy in there and it will be filled with unfamiliar faces. When your dog becomes dressed during the concert, there’s a big possibility that he will bite an chew his clothes. You need to make sure that the clothes will be able to survive the punishment. It’s better to invest in clothes that will last rather than in an outfit that will be useful only once.

Accessories as an option

If your dog is not yet ready to wear a full-blown outfit, then maybe you can have him wear accessories first. Maybe you can start with a hat or a headband. A collar that can make him look like a punk rocker is another cool option.

Is It Possible To Teach Your Dog To Dance To Music?

Just like you teach your dog to perform a few commands and tricks similarly you can teach it to dance to music by introducing music with its activities. If you seriously want to teach your dog to dance to music then you can follow the tips provided in the programmer’s guide to dog training. By teaching your dog to dance to the music you will be preparing it with some of the great tricks for your parties.

There are three methods for teaching your dog to dance like:


STEP 1: Use a treat to entice your dog to encourage it to focus on your hand while you are moving in a circle. After completing the circle you should praise your dog and give it the treat.

STEP 2: Repeat the same spin, with your hands raised over its head to make circles, several times and in several sessions of training.

STEP 3: When your dog starts spinning in a circle with the gesture of your hand then you can avoid showing treat. But you should praise it and give it treats on successful moves.

STEP 4: When your dog follows the signal of spinning successfully then you should add a command so that it can start spinning just with a command instead of hand gesture.

STEP 5: Now you should avoid hand signals and encourage it to follow your command only.

STEP 6: Now to teach your dog to move in the other direction you will have to follow all the steps discussed above in the other direction so that it can dance in both directions.

STEP 7: The next step is to make your dog move in mixed directions once he masters spinning in both directions. It will help it start dancing soon.


STEP 1: It can be difficult to arrange another dog to step over its body so you can use your legs to weave through them. You can take a few small steps around and over your dog.

STEP 2: When your dog becomes familiar to your moves then you can start teaching him weaves by allowing it to pass through your legs again and again when you are standing with legs apart.

STEP 3: When it becomes used to this step then you can add a gesture of your hand to move it.

STEP 4: gradually you can replace your hand gesture with the words of command so that is can move with your command and hand gesture.

STEP 5: Your dog will weave between your legs in different directions by practicing the moves repeatedly.


STEP 1: To encourage your dog to stand up and discourage to jump on the command you will have to bribe it initially to encourage it to put its paw on your back.

STEP 2: Encourage it to stand for a longer time.

STEP 3: Replace the treat with your hand gesture to make it stand up.

STEP 4: Gradually replace hand gestures with the words of command to make it stand up.

STEP 5: Increase the time to stand up instead of jumping by praising and treating it.

STEP 6: Now you can start dancing with your dog by playing the music of your choice and mixing all the methods you have taught it.

Thus, you can teach your dog to dance to music.