How To Have A Disco Party In Your Back Yard

Instead of spending a lot of money on liquor for beer and other alcohol in the nearest night club, it would be better to have a disco party in your own back yard. Don’t forget to bring the dogs along as they should also have a lot of fun. You can’t blame your visitors if they would be distracted by the dogs since everyone finds them pretty cute. The first thing to do would be to create a Facebook event. If you do that, you will be able to choose who you will invite and who you will leave out. There may even be a password for the party so uninvited people won’t be let in. Of course, you can buy the booze from the nearest convenience store as that would be a lot cheaper than buying booze at a club. Don’t forget to buy cook finger food as that would be cheaper than ordering from a catering company. You can order ingredients from the day before the party and cook your own food. After that, you know you will be able to make enough food for all the guests you are inviting.

There is no disco party without music so you must be familiar with the latest disco hits so everyone can get right down to dancing in a hurry. You can play the hits of the past too if you thought they were great. Besides, there are a lot of timeless classics that even the new generation knows about. You will watch those people dance and be surprised that they actually know the songs. It won’t even matter if they know them or not, what matters is everyone is having the time of their lives. Don’t forget that there is a slight chance that it will rain and you will be forced to transfer inside your home. When that matters, you must have prepared for something like that by putting disco lights inside the house too. It will also help to check the weather in advance so you will know if it is safe to have a disco party in your backyard.

Don’t forget to have a disco ball and lights right in your back yard as that would be the signal for everyone to dance. When you see a couple of people attracted to each other, they won’t hesitate to get down on it. Of course, there should be some chairs around the area for people who would want to dance while sitting down. Keep in mind the dancers will get tired at some point so they would want to sit down and rest while still listening to the awesome music. During that time, they would want to talk to the people they just met and that is the beauty of having a disco party. You will see your friends meet people they have been wanting to meet for a pretty long time. This is definitely their chance to shine and they must take advantage of it.

Is Disco Really Dead?

Those who are saying that disco is dead like to go back to an eventful night in 1979 when a Chicago DJ named Steve Dahl. The night turned into a riot. But more than the number of people who got hurt or the real cause of the chaos, one thing stood out that night: the collective chants of “disco sucks!” To many, that signaled the death of the most defining musical genres of the 1970s. That night would go down in American history as the disco demolition night.

But is the disco really dead? Many people believe otherwise. Your answer to the question would depend on your view of the disco. For those who can’t stand disco, believing it’s dead provides a sense of relief. But for those who actually love disco and the lifestyle that comes with it, it’s comforting to think that disco didn’t really die, that it just evolved.

It’s hard to think of the 70s without disco music. The sound, the lights, the clubs, these are all part of the disco lifestyle that dominated the mid to late 70s. But if disco is such a popular movement, then why do so many people hate it? Well, people hate fads in general. Or, more accurately, they hate to be identified with a trend. It’s only natural for people to seek individuality and uniqueness. Back in the 70s, disco signifies conformity to the majority and hence, the ruling class. This is why it has caused a backlash from the remnants of the 60s hippie movement that valued individuality and anti-establishment sentiments. They see disco as a tool of “The Man.” They see it as a way to numb the population so they would become subservient to those who rule the country and the world. Disco is seen as a counterrevolutionary lifestyle that must be stopped.

But are they really successful in stopping a disco? Is the disco really dead? Fans of disco would disagree. To them, disco just evolved into what we generally know now as dance music. To them, disco lives through trance, hip-hop, and electronica. The post-disco pop music scene that became popular in the 80s was primarily influenced by disco. You had artists back then, such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Kylie Minogue, who were all flashing the disco vibe in their songs and music videos. In the 90s rave culture started to emerge. The DJ became god and dance music, the gospel. But even the EDM gods know that they owe a lot to disco. And the best DJs – those who come up with the most innovative beats – are those who don’t forget to look back to the disco era.

So is the disco really dead? Maybe it did; maybe it didn’t. But one thing is for sure; disco lives in the hearts and minds of people who love disco. Even those who are too young to remember what disco culture was like, disco will be immortalized every time they groove to the beat. Even people who hate disco know that it will be hard to kill its influence.