The Dead Rose Music Company

There was witch house. Then there wasn’t witch house. It was one of the fastest turnarounds the dance music scene has ever experienced, and with dubstep being the older, jockier newcomer with the trophies on the mantel and a dedicated groupie following, witch house drowned. Perhaps it was because it wasn’t relatable; in retrospect, it was pretty balsy of those guys to think they could make dance music that didn’t even have a beat. Or am I wrong about it being dance music altogether? Was it just that it was associated with dance music producers and remixers that we expect to hear it at clubs? Or because of the simple fact that it’s made on a computer? Who knows. It died. That’s what we do know. But that’s not to say it didn’t leave its mark.

I recently become aware of a group called The Dead Rose Music Company. These guys have taken everything that made witch house great–the visceral moods and thick waves of dreamy noise–and added everything that it was lacking: namely, a groove and a solid beat. The result is some strange form of downtempo, moody house music dripping in a sentiment so strong, it’s sure to turn any drive and ambition you have in life into perfected apathy. It’s incredible.

Kept The Faith-The Dead Rose Music Company by TheDeadRoseMusicCompany