Seriously, how cool are those spiderman masks?

The Bloody Beetroots

Killer Spiderman Masks

If you haven’t heard The Bloody Beetroots by now, don’t worry, I’ve already taken the liberty of devising a rather simple solution for you. It goes like this: Cancel your World of Warcraft account for just one month (If this proves too difficult to handle, you might want to look into Craftorette. It’s this really neat gum that supplies you with WarCraft replacement hormones and makes quitting easier.), and use that money to either buy their EP entitled “Let Your Washing Machine Speak”, or if you’d rather not be seen buying a somewhat old album, you can put that money in a jar and save it for the release of their full length, which I’ve heard is no longer too far off. In the mean time, you can check out their latest 2008 mixtape. The mix isn’t spectacular, but the sneak preview of their remix of MSTRKRFT’s “Bounce” will leave you anxious and frustrated at the fact that the next Cinespace Dim Mak Tuesday isn’t for 48 hours! 🙁 If, on the other hand, you have heard of these guys, you might be excited to hear that their remix of Audioporno’s “Choo Choo” is no longer an artifact that you have to go to a MSTRKRFT show to listen to. As of mid July the track, which was originally not intended to be released at all, will be available in 12″ format through the German record label, Exploited Records. Why’d it take so long? Basically, the band that produced the original track had not planned on ever letting that song out of their hands, which naturally led to difficulties getting the remix published. Needless to say, they’ve found a way around it. If you’d like to pick up a copy, you can grab it here. You’ll have to have it shipped from Germany, but hey, that’s a small price to pay to get your hands on a track that people have been after for more than a year, right?
If you’re still not convinced, you might have to listen to this little teaser:
Audioporno – Choo Choo (The Bloody Beetroots remix)
And here’s their mixtape:

And just for the sake of completeness, here’s one of their newer remixes. (You have to remember that the word “new” means almost nothing when it comes to these guys. By the time you finish reading this post, they’ll probably have put out another one)
Shit Disco – Virgins (Bloody Beetroots remix)

In other exciting news, the 80’s are back.


Yeah, they’re back. If Chromeo and Calvin Harris aren’t proof enough, you might want to check out the most recent remixes from the often overlooked French producer, Danger.

The guy’s a beast. I mean god’s sake, he’s managed to squeeze incredibly cliche 80’s pad synths into “American Boy” and it actually sounds damn good. Better than damn good. It’s most definitely worth the download, so don’t be shy. Use up my bandwidth and download that shit.

American Boy feat. Kanye West (Danger Remix)

And since we’ve briefly mentioned Kanye West, I figured this video is relevant and good for a laugh.

Kanye West gets way more respect than he deserves. His ego is disgusting.

One final note:
My roommate invented two new words recently. Normally this wouldn’t be anything to post about, but after hearing these words, I was almost angry that they weren’t already in the dictionary. If you have nothing to say about the rest of this post, at least tell me how awesome these words are, and how happy you are that they’ve been invented:

  • swervature – A unit measure of an object’s ability to swerve, usually a skateboard.
  • bomblet – A damn good omelet. The kind that leaves you feeling like the rest of the day doesn’t even matter, because your breakfast was enough to be able to tell people that you did something today.