Alphabet Soup

Finally admitted to myself today that the blog scene really is dead.

The same 12 default skins travel through the nest of wires that form the internet, with the end result being that upon clicking an unfamiliar link to a new blog, one can nearly guarantee a familiar site. How is that a blog? That’s not a blog. That’s Myspace. And I’m sure you’re aware of what happened to them? If not, go ahead, keep your “customized” default skin, it really defines you.

I look at the difference between the blog scene of five years ago and the one of today similarly to the way I see the difference between the music industry of vinyl and that of digital music. It used to be hard to hard to have a website, and that’s what made it cool. If you had one, you knew what the fuck you were doing, and this meant that you probably understood the value of commitment, or perhaps even pride, and you probably used that dedication to let that site embody who you and consequentially, provide something valuable and unique to the world. Then people made it easy for anyone to do it. “Express yourself!” They would say. Express yourself with this website.

Only you don’t know how to make a website. HTML to you is frustrating. PHP makes you angry. You’re good at following directions though. So here’s the form. They’re like wallpaper in a catelogue, only for you and your website.

In the late nineties, producing records got really cheap. So companies starting printing more. They put stuff out on CDs that should never have even left the mind of the person who made it. And you know what it did? The same thing that making it easy to have a blog did to internet sites. It made them worthless.

You can’t even judge a website’s value by how nice it looks anymore. Used to be if your site was garbage, chances were it probably looked that way as well. But now there’s a mess of sites out there that look great, but that don’t even have a dime of original content on them. They’re essentially like people making alternate routes to get places by way of new roads, for the sole purpose of making it take longer to get to get there, and then making a couple bucks by putting a gas station along the way. I used to love Missingtoof. Their demise coincided the demise of the blog scene.

Sad really.

Here’s a track that a billion other blogs have probably already posted. Ironically, it’s also a song that a billion more blogs are going to post once they see it on this blog. Some of them will even copy and paste the text on this page so that they don’t have to write anything themselves. Shit, maybe I even did that. Maybe I didn’t write a single original word of this. Ever think of that?

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Jamie XX – New York Is Killing Me