Suzanne Kraft, Please

I don’t normally use Uh Oh Disco as a make-shift Craigslist, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I, being the generic, easily stereotyped faux-hipster that I am, have been searching far and wide for a vinyl copy of Suzanne Kraft’s Green Flash EP, to very little avail. In fact, the closest I’ve come to finding it has been the December 8th ordered copy at Amoeba Records, which I was recently informed was “probably just not gonna come.”

That being the case, I would like any and all readers who own a copy of this record to please package it up (Use bubble wrap and a sturdy box, as I don’t want it damaged) and kindly send it to us here at Uh Oh Disco. If you could get it done ASAP too, that would be fantastic.


Suzanne Kraft – Turning

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