Plastic Plates Mix

This new Plastic Plates mixtape has pretty much all the unreleased tracks I want right now. Fire!

Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (feat. Induce)

Wolfgang – Stay And Defend (The Magician Remix)

The Swiss – Double or Nothing (Louis La Roche Remix)

Cosmonauts – Cycle Eyes (Summer Version)”

Cosmonaut – One Dance Floor (Rio Lobotomy Remix)

Mark Ronson – Record Collection (Plastic Plates Remix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Dictator (Luke Million Remix)

Yacht – Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire) (Whatever Whatever Remix)

The Magician ft Jeppe – I Don’t Know What To Do (Plastic Plates Remix)

Roberto Rodriguez- I Got

Edwin Van Cleef – Triton (Pharao Black Magic Remix)

HEKO – Animal (Wildstyle Version)

Gigamesh’s “When You’re Dancing” is such a solid opener, how good is that track! The original is for sure the best version around. Plastic Plates is really on top of what is hot at the moment. We may not always go for that here at Uh Oh Disco, but sometimes you can’t resist when all of our favorites are putting out bangers these days. Music has been good lately. Download and get your Friday night dance on.


Have you heard of WhateverWhatever yet? If not, you need to know! WhateverWhatever is the joined forces of Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette. They’re from NYC and make fine dance music. If the name rings a bell, it’s because you played the shit out of their unreal Foster The People remix in the last Magic Tape. I remember dropping WhateverWhatever’s remix of Woolfy’s “Oh Missy” a couple of years ago, wondering what was up with these guys. Well they seemed to have come out of the dark and are posting tons of new original tracks and all their remixes on their soundcloud as we speak. A lot of stuff is being given away for free in 320 too, so catch it while you can.

Click here to browse their soundcloud. Listen to their new remix of La Roux below, I love the disco house breakdown.

I can’t wait for their Yacht and Foster The People remixes to show up, these guys have quite the sound. Definitely stay tuned for more from WhateverWhatever.

Relish 3

Big news! One of my favorite labels, Relish, is coming out with their 3rd compilation on October 3rd. Featuring Headman’s select talent, you will hear tracks from the likes of JR Seaton, Andreas Esu, Hannalelauri, Daniel Avery, International, Montevideo, Stopmakingme, and more.  I’m really digging the new direction on this one. Take a listen to the teaser minimix below!


We Are Nocturnal #2 from HIMAN is probably my favorite mix this week. I can’t get enough of these fresh deep house + nu-disco vibes (I hate using that word btw). Filled with tracks from the likes of Body Language, Julio Bashmore, Luke Million, Youth, Jan Driver, Cosmonauts, and enough classic edits to please the old-schoolers, your chill night grooving at home is set with this mix.

It’s got some soul to it.