Twiggy Frostbite are Finally Back

I‘ve been addicted to Twiggy Frostbite ever since I heard their first single so many years back. I found them through another Swedish band called The Deer Tracks with whom they share a singer (and in turn, her gorgeously abashed vocals), and they’ve since become a staple in my collection of “real music,” the name I’ve given to music that actually sounds like it was made by a person (a quality which has become increasingly rare these days). If you’ve ever heard either of them before, you know exactly what to expect, and if you haven’t, prepare to have the reset button on your musical taste pressed. Given a few times through, you too will learn to impatiently await each and every one of their releases. And trust me, the reward is well worth the wait.

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Twiggy Frostbite – Written Within

Big ups to Despotz for giving a home to music like this.

If any of the tunes contained in this post happen to suit your taste, the artist would probably be thrilled if you considered buying them on iTunes, Beatport, or Amazon.

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by Stephen Corwin

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