New Uh Oh Disco Records Out – Dirty 1200 + New Questions

We know it’s hard to follow the music scene these days. There are new genres popping up nearly every day, and at such a rapid pace, one can feel almost entirely out of touch listening to music that was made available only a week before. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you the freshest of the fresh, hot off the press, so that you don’t have to go hunting for it yourself.

Dirty 1200

Dirty 1200 made his Uh Oh Disco debut last month with his single, “Bedroom Tango,” and since then, he has proven himself to be the John Deer of disco. While most tracks are meant to be danced to, this one feels like it dances on you!

In all seriousness though, Bedroom Tango has enjoyed an enormously hearty reception since its release, and is certainly a groove you won’t want to miss.

Check it out here, and when you simply can’t take it anymore, it’s available to download on Beatport.

Dirty 1200 – Bedroom Tango

Dirty 1200 – Bedroom Tango by UhOhDisco

New Questions Out In Two Days!

For those of you who’ve been swallowed up by the burgeoning chillwave scene, Questions‘ “Pup” EP, which is set to be released on November 30th, 2010, is poised to send some pretty chill waves down your spine. Huge halls, empty love, and borderline haunting vocals from the lovely Peony are only a few of the sounds to expect on this unmissable debut. Listen to “Fire Escape” below, and grab it on Beatport this Tuesday!

Questions – Fire Escape

Questions – Fire Escape feat. Peony by UhOhDisco

I’ll Know It When I Hear It

I don’t watch unstructured television—the zombie-like sit-and-flip-though-channels activity that all parents say will rot the brain into a lifeless gray goo. I don’t do it. At least, I try not to do it very often.

It’s not because I’m “better than” television. Yes, I own a TV. And I hate when people talk about television as a pithy little box that unenlightened folks use for entertainment. I love T.V. more than anyone I know. That’s the problem: once I start watching, it’s really hard for me to stop.

Here’s what happens: I’ll enter into a channel-surfing loop wherein I’m constantly looking for something better to watch. I just keep changing the channel. But since I don’t really know what I’m looking for, I’m never satisfied with what I’m watching. Hours later I’ll realize that I’ve been watching T.V. for way too long and haven’t found anything good. It’s been a series of half-episodes and partial narratives. A big waste of time. Fuck, man.

I’ve recently felt the same way about my endless search for awesome new music. I used to get that special I-just-discovered-music-I-love!-Woo-hoo! feeling all the time. I haven’t felt it in months. I just want to hear something that excites me (doesn’t everyone?), but I don’t really know what I’m looking for. The aimless hunt usually makes me feel like I just wasted my afternoon.

But that’s the nature of art. The really good stuff surprises us. Of course I don’t know exactly what I want, because what I really want is something I’ve never seen/heard/read/watched before. That’s how creative progress happens. Nobody wanted to buy a series of silkscreened Campbell’s Soup cans until Warhol actually made them. Nobody wanted to hear a turntable scratching until he first heard someone do it and realized, “yeah, that does sounds really good.” Great artists take chances and create things that we’ve never seen before. People don’t know what they want until you give it to them.

Now someone send me something amazing. (Somebody besides Casino Gold, that is.)

Casino Gold – All My Friends Wear Suits (Original Mix)

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Will Bailey – Chip Shop (Casino Gold Remix)

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What Happened to the Magic?

There must have been something in the air in 2006. For some seemingly magical reason, everything that came out that year, and I’m talking even the should-have-been-crappy bedroom produced remixes, was magical, and that includes everything from MSTRKRFT’s The Looks to Myths of the Near Future, or hey, even Boards of Canada’s Trans-Canada Highway. Hell, especially Trans Canada Highway. (Side note: what on earth happened to Boards of Canada / someone please assure me that they are, indeed, going to release a new album soon) To be direct, 2006 Was a great year for music, at at the time, it felt like it was going to last forever. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I suppose what HE giveth, HE eventually take away.

Kind of reminds me of that terribly awesome movie The Pick of Destiny where Jack Black discovers the secret pick that gives whoever uses it the musical talent of a God. Perhaps there was some equivalently holy laptop circulating among electronic musicians in 2007? (Though to be realistic, if anything were going to circulate among this crowd, it’d probably be a cracked copy of Reason.) Whatever it was, it must have disappeared shortly after, because of all albums following up to 2006-7 debuts, only a handfull have even been passable. Calvin Harris pulled it off, as did Simian Mobile Disco (albeit with only half the luster of Attack Decay Sustain Release), but the rest of those guys made us wait three years for next to nothing. Fist of God was hyped up to nothing. Boys Noize’s Power was anything but. And Justice’s followup, well…. let’s just say it may not even exist.

Despite the devastating results of so many of these albums, one thing helped me hold it together all this time: Digitalism had yet to make a move. Their 2007 “Idealism” was a god among records, and since they took longer than anyone to make their move, I found myself quietly pleading that theirs would be the record that redeemed them all; the one that helped us all find the value in wading through crap for so many years. Disappointed again.

Though it retains the sound of Idealism, Digitalism’s Blitz EP, is a tired, half assed effort at an epic return. Both of the EP’s original tracks start out with massive arpeggios that seem to set the stage for something more, but the something more never comes. It’s almost like the guys started these two tracks back when they were writing Idealism, and came back with only half a heart to finish them for this release. The intro’s just get drawn out for three minutes, right to the end, without so much as a breakdown or variation of any kind. Oh, and Jense’s signature vocals? They’re gone.

Have Digitalism moved on to other things? Will there ever be a followup to Idealism? Who knows.

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Digitalism – Blitz

What Happened to House?

House music doesn’t get enough credit for just being itself these days. Everyone takes house for granted. When asked about DJ sets, no one likes to simply say that they spin house. What are we so afraid of? Is it that we might perhaps appear to be amateur if we fail to specify a sub-genre? Or perhaps we think that house died in the 90’s, and that all that’s left at this point are its derivatives, like electro, funky, techno, and dubstep? Have we forgotten where our roots are?

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: True house music is being neglected, and it just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s like we’ve all forgotten that sub genre’s have been surfacing for decades, only to experience a quick swing in popularity (perhaps over the course of a couple years or so) before reverting right back to house. House music is at the root of almost all dance music, and I don’t want to have to wait until whatever fad is currently sweeping the world to fade away for house to re-emerge as the clean and pure godfather of genre. I want it now, and if there’s someone out there offering it, that’s where I’m going to be.

I was in San Francisco the other day when I happened to stumble upon Dj Helen Lhim spinning exactly what I’ve been looking for: house music as deep as the soul itself. If I could fly every one of you out there to experience one of her sets live, I would. But since I can’t, I feel compelled to at least share with you her latest mix tape which, while it doesn’t quite compare, comes damn close.
No nonsense. No stupid, drawn out build ups and massive drops. No anger. No violence. No fads. Just house.

Download it here

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1 andy compton/the plan(the rurals)
2 davidson ospina ft rainy payne/night vission(unreleased excuse my french edit)
3 sercan/flow
4 vitor anselmo/say it again
5 questions/dream forecast
6 DJ romain, jon cutler ft jeanie hoppe/dejavu(mr v’s vibal dub instrumental)
7 salah ft isaac/shine through(davidson ospina)
8 francesco del garda & alessandro gaia/move your body
9 worthy & DWL/dry wood
10 mr v ft big daddy/it’s about you(mr v sole channel instrumental mix)
11 clemens rumpf & david A tobin/this old house(album mic)
12 alex arnout/paradise garage

Find out more about DJ Helen at her website