The Fist of God

While there are what seems like thousands of musical genres out there, and each and every person has their own personal taste and preference, in reality, there are really only two kinds of people: those who are satisfied with listening to their music through Youtube videos on the internet, and those who aren’t, and considering you’ve taken the time to either navigate to this page, or perhaps be directed here through our beloved Hype Machine, I’d put money on the fact that you, my friend, are probably one of those people who isn’t–or at least weren’t.

fist of god

See, several months ago, our faithful, electro loving community (which tends to get its highs off of distorted saw tooths, rather than the more conventional inebriates) discovered one particular video who’s contents proved considerably more alluring than most, and though we certainly made our best attempt to convince ourselves to simply be patient for a physical (and therefor admissible) release, the alluring properties such a partially revealed “symphony” so to speak were overwhelming to the point that after only a few days, none of us cared that the crumbly recording was set to the wonderfully entertaining visuals of Audio Surf (a phenomenon of which I’m quite sure we are all aware).

I mention all of this, not in an attempt to bring forth the guilt we’ve likely had suppressed for all these long months, but rather, to provide well deserved relief and reassurance, for as things currently stand, MSTRKRFT’s Fist of God album, which has consumed our lives since nearly a year ago, when we learned that the release date had initially been set for September 08, is finally less than a month away, and that being the case, I have indeed, managed to snag a copy of the track that the above mention video has taught us to love. I must warn you, however: Though the relentless fury of the Fist of God seems to provide more than four minutes of unsurpassable pleasure, it is truly impossible to fully grasp the beauty and finesse of the entire album, as well as this particular track’s place within it, without listening to the entire, unabridged work in its entirety. It does not matter how much or how little you enjoy any and all of the other titles; without the proper sequence, these tracks cannot be heard as they were intended. Thus, I beg you, the truest of MSTRKRFT fans, not to pirate, steal, or take advantage of the album resultant of those many months in the studio. Do not spoil yourself with the improper track order and spacing resultant from these careless, unappreciative leaks. You’ve got less than a month to go. And surely, this little taste will be more than enough to keep your heart racing throughout these last couple days.

MSTRKRFT – Fist of God (Removed by request)
–edit: I suppose it’s for the better–

And just as a little kicker (in case the notion of a closely pending MSTRKRFT release has somehow failed to turn you on), if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you’ll likely want to look into Dim Mak’s Fist of God release party, which is set to take place the 16th of March at the Roxy on Sunset. Fifteen dollars will not only buy you admission, but it will also grant you the rights to a free copy of the album.

Honestly now, how special do you feel?

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  1. Hey, can I get some details on that MSTRKRFT CD release party? Like live acts/guest appearences and whatnot.

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