Month: July 2020

Is It Possible To Teach Your Dog To Dance To Music?

Just like you teach your dog to perform a few commands and tricks similarly you can teach it to dance to music by introducing music with its activities. If you seriously want to teach your dog to dance to music then you can follow the tips provided in the programmer’s guide to dog training. By teaching your dog to dance to the music you will be preparing it with some of the great tricks for your parties.

There are three methods for teaching your dog to dance like:


STEP 1: Use a treat to entice your dog to encourage it to focus on your hand while you are moving in a circle. After completing the circle you should praise your dog and give it the treat.

STEP 2: Repeat the same spin, with your hands raised over its head to make circles, several times and in several sessions of training.

STEP 3: When your dog starts spinning in a circle with the gesture of your hand then you can avoid showing treat. But you should praise it and give it treats on successful moves.

STEP 4: When your dog follows the signal of spinning successfully then you should add a command so that it can start spinning just with a command instead of hand gesture.

STEP 5: Now you should avoid hand signals and encourage it to follow your command only.

STEP 6: Now to teach your dog to move in the other direction you will have to follow all the steps discussed above in the other direction so that it can dance in both directions.

STEP 7: The next step is to make your dog move in mixed directions once he masters spinning in both directions. It will help it start dancing soon.


STEP 1: It can be difficult to arrange another dog to step over its body so you can use your legs to weave through them. You can take a few small steps around and over your dog.

STEP 2: When your dog becomes familiar to your moves then you can start teaching him weaves by allowing it to pass through your legs again and again when you are standing with legs apart.

STEP 3: When it becomes used to this step then you can add a gesture of your hand to move it.

STEP 4: gradually you can replace your hand gesture with the words of command so that is can move with your command and hand gesture.

STEP 5: Your dog will weave between your legs in different directions by practicing the moves repeatedly.


STEP 1: To encourage your dog to stand up and discourage to jump on the command you will have to bribe it initially to encourage it to put its paw on your back.

STEP 2: Encourage it to stand for a longer time.

STEP 3: Replace the treat with your hand gesture to make it stand up.

STEP 4: Gradually replace hand gestures with the words of command to make it stand up.

STEP 5: Increase the time to stand up instead of jumping by praising and treating it.

STEP 6: Now you can start dancing with your dog by playing the music of your choice and mixing all the methods you have taught it.

Thus, you can teach your dog to dance to music.

How DJs Are Adapting To The Times With Streaming Concerts

Thanks to the worldwide pandemic, group interactions have been temporarily banned. The reason for this is the virus can easily be transmitted through close interaction. We don’t really know who has it since some people are asymptomatic. Hence, the World Health Organization has advised everyone to just stay at home until a vaccine is found for the virus. Unfortunately, it may be a matter of time before that happens. Thus, some people have resorted to working from the comforts of their own home.

Some employees were let go by their companies so they would need to find alternative sources of income. Even during these times, earning a living must not stop. Businesses may have shut down temporarily but it just means you need to find other forms of income. Most people have switched to online jobs so there would be no need to go outside the house. Since events are currently prohibited, those who work at events can just do it online. That list includes DJs who are used to playing music at weddings and Here is how DJs are adapting to the times with streaming concerts:

Zoom Chat

Zoom has never become more popular than it is now. Instead of meeting in a meeting room, everyone is doing group video chats over at Zoom. Alternatively, you can also do it on Instagram and Facebook. This is one time when there is no need to be in proper attire. DJs already have the playlist right on their laptops and they have no problem playing it anywhere they would be required to. They would just need a solid Internet connection so the music won’t stop in the middle of something important.

Working from Home

Everyone should get used to working from home in the meantime. You may actually get to save money this way since you would not be tempted to eat outside of your home anymore. You can just learn how to cook your favorite foods by checking out video tutorials. Trust me, it is not hard when you have the will power to learn. It also means more bonding with your family and pets. It feels great to share quality time with them as that won’t be possible when you are always busy at the office and you go home late. Yes, there are certainly a ton of profits when you work from home.

It is such a shame how we would need to say goodbye to living events in the coming months. Some events are so big that a lot of people are looking forward to them. DJs have no problem working from home as they would still get paid. They won’t even have difficulties in bringing their equipment as some of them tend to get heavy. In addition, DJs have more time to work on their playlist. They could mix songs and come up with mixtapes we have yet to hear. The next time you see them, you will certainly be getting new music to listen to.

What Makes A Good Dance Music Song

There is something about a hit dance song when it triggers an unstoppable need to tap your foot, bob your headroom side to side, and sway to the rhythm in a manner that’s the trending body moves at the present.

These types of beat worthy songs even get some teenagers in some extremist country get arrested when they post themselves on social media swaying to the beat which is banned in their state.

Neuroscientists in Denmark have discovered in a study that danceable songs just have the right quantity of breaks and gaps in their beat.

Maria Witek, the group’s leader said that people all over the world seem to have a common agreement on what dance songs become hits: “Not the ones that have very little complexity and not the ones that had very, very high complexity, but the patterns that had a sort of a balance between predictability and complexity.”

When we hear a new dance tune, as it evolves, we expect a certain beat to repeat itself over and over again in the song. But if we do hear that beat, and there are gaps and diversions in between which makes it intriguing and unpredictable, but pleasant-sounding, here comes a hit song which has a bright future on the Billboard charts.

Pharrell’s song, Happy, says Witek, is an example of the layering of predictable beats balanced with the unpredictable and inviting gaps afforded by the piano, the drums, the clapping, and even Pharrell’s own vocals.

If you’re going to watch Happy’s music video, there is a certain positive vibe about it as you see people from all walks of life dancing to its very likable tune. It has even run up nearly 4 million views.

But this song isn’t the only one with the monopoly of inventing a danceable series of beats. Dance forms like Hip hop, disco, funk, and rhythm and blues through the likes of artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles strike the balance between predictability and complexity when it comes to song structure.

But have you noticed that some artists just keep on churning one dance hit after another?

This actually happens because music producers commission them, in collaboration with composers and choreographers to produce the next hit dance song on the top ten in the Billboards charts. After they have proven themselves worthy after churning out a hit dance song or two, the producers are convinced that their style and beat have become loved by the fans and they just have to tweak their next couple of dance songs to that same beat with some creative gaps in between to make them unique enough to be classified as a separate song.

This collaboration among creative artists (singer, composer, and choreographer) is influenced in part by the singer’s style and taste, and also for the resulting song’s commercial suitability. There is also a tendency to control the dance song’s mood to the current trend.

As such, it is also important for dancers, who will interpret the dance song, to have a say in its beat and its structure. As of late, this added collaboration with dancers is being encouraged in order to come up with hit dance songs.

Music Genres That Have Been Influenced by Disco

There are many music genres that have been influenced by disco throughout the years. From the beginning, the disco is from the seventies and it started as a result of new technologies in the use of dance music. It created a dance sensation that’s still relevant to popular music.

The music from the ’70s that is influenced by disco is very interesting to listen to. This is one of the many reasons that you will enjoy the music from the era is that the sound is still popular today. You will enjoy this music when you experience the music and not go by what the critics say.

Disco Dance Music Genre

Many genres of music have been influenced by disco, including swing, pop, and even Broadway. Disco also gave rise to two other genres of music, which are the house music genre and the techno genre. Nowadays, we can still find some of the old clubs with the same old set up, but the fashion has changed and the music is usually similar to that of techno and house music. However, the core element has not changed at all.

Disco has been represented in music for over 50 years and is being continually affected by the sound it had spawned during its heyday. The influence may be subtle, but it’s pervasive and may even be your first clue about what you like to listen to in the clubs.

Electronic dance music, or EDM, is very popular today. People love going to clubs and festivals to hear this kind of music from famous DJs. If you listen closely, you can see the disco’s obvious influence on the genre. This is especially true of classic Chicago house style of music.

More Influential Music History

So now, what are some of the more prominent genres of music that have been influenced by disco? These include the popular music of the seventies, pop music from the eighties, hip hop from the nineties, pop music from the new millennium, and hip-hop music from the new millennium.

Pop music today is a combination of songs and music from the previous decades, where only the best is used. This popular music came out of American radio music. The main defining characteristic of pop music is obviously that it’s popular. Another defining characteristic is that it’s popular to dance to, which is one of the influences discos had on the genre.

Some of the most popular music from the eighties is pop-rock music, with all the tropes that accompany it. The power chords and harmonies are there, along with the big keys, with their deep, heavy sound. Also, the power ballads of this genre are all about romance, which helps the music goes well with the romantic setting. In a sense, this genre was influenced by disco in a way that it’s like a sort of “anti-disco.”

Another genre is early hip hop music. In the nineties, this genre gained popularity. This type of music was really exciting, as it was filled with intricate patterns. The cool thing about this genre is that it was very musical and used a lot of tribal beats. This genre is probably the most directly influenced by disco because early hip-hop used tracks and beats from disco tunes as the instrumental track.

In Conclusion

So, if you want to learn more about the music genres that have been influenced by disco, you should start by listening to records. Singers like Madonna, who always use disco music to make their tunes pop, and other popular artists such as Prince are worth listening to.

As you listen to music from the ’70s, you will discover that you can listen to music that sounds very funky yet modern. This will give you more of an appreciation of music overall.

Is Disco Really Dead?

Those who are saying that disco is dead like to go back to an eventful night in 1979 when a Chicago DJ named Steve Dahl. The night turned into a riot. But more than the number of people who got hurt or the real cause of the chaos, one thing stood out that night: the collective chants of “disco sucks!” To many, that signaled the death of the most defining musical genres of the 1970s. That night would go down in American history as the disco demolition night.

But is the disco really dead? Many people believe otherwise. Your answer to the question would depend on your view of the disco. For those who can’t stand disco, believing it’s dead provides a sense of relief. But for those who actually love disco and the lifestyle that comes with it, it’s comforting to think that disco didn’t really die, that it just evolved.

It’s hard to think of the 70s without disco music. The sound, the lights, the clubs, these are all part of the disco lifestyle that dominated the mid to late 70s. But if disco is such a popular movement, then why do so many people hate it? Well, people hate fads in general. Or, more accurately, they hate to be identified with a trend. It’s only natural for people to seek individuality and uniqueness. Back in the 70s, disco signifies conformity to the majority and hence, the ruling class. This is why it has caused a backlash from the remnants of the 60s hippie movement that valued individuality and anti-establishment sentiments. They see disco as a tool of “The Man.” They see it as a way to numb the population so they would become subservient to those who rule the country and the world. Disco is seen as a counterrevolutionary lifestyle that must be stopped.

But are they really successful in stopping a disco? Is the disco really dead? Fans of disco would disagree. To them, disco just evolved into what we generally know now as dance music. To them, disco lives through trance, hip-hop, and electronica. The post-disco pop music scene that became popular in the 80s was primarily influenced by disco. You had artists back then, such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Kylie Minogue, who were all flashing the disco vibe in their songs and music videos. In the 90s rave culture started to emerge. The DJ became god and dance music, the gospel. But even the EDM gods know that they owe a lot to disco. And the best DJs – those who come up with the most innovative beats – are those who don’t forget to look back to the disco era.

So is the disco really dead? Maybe it did; maybe it didn’t. But one thing is for sure; disco lives in the hearts and minds of people who love disco. Even those who are too young to remember what disco culture was like, disco will be immortalized every time they groove to the beat. Even people who hate disco know that it will be hard to kill its influence.